‘Socialist’, Soviet And Race-coded Speech: An Atmosphere of Violence and Hatred

Yesterday I posted a video appeal by the Barack Obama campaign asking those that could to take just one day, perhaps a vacation day or personal day, and work for the Obama campaign on election day. I thought it was an innovative nationwide request to an enormous mail list.

The article was picked up by a right wing blog. The three comments that were left on the post are hatred personified.

I have been honestly concerned about the split in this nation because of the ugliness of the lies, the racist coded speech and references to ‘socialist’. Last night I got my last personal taste of the invective.

I was at my favorite restaurant last night with the usual crowd. Unbelievably, they attacked me with a very real intent to demean me and my belief system. They got very personal and ugly.  They echoed the emotional content of the comments on the original article. When it gets outright racist, however, and personally aimed at me, Barack and Michelle….well, who needs it? They were saying the racist and stupid shit they get from their newsman Rushbaby.
Adios, baby.

Olbermann spoke last night on how to end this potential spit of the country.

I echo Keith Olbermann’s theme. The one thing that could stop this would be for John McCain, in this last week, call for an end to the ugliness, the name calling, the racism and the general atmosphere of violent oratory.

John McCain used to be an honorable man. I hope he still is and takes this opportunity put an end to this atmosphere of violence and intolerance.

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One Response to ‘Socialist’, Soviet And Race-coded Speech: An Atmosphere of Violence and Hatred

  1. I think that Keith O. will have a very long wait if he expects Senator McCain to publically renounce this racist act.   His brand of “compassionate conservative” delights in using such words as eliteist, Communist, Marxist, and Communist when portraying Senator Obama.  It is also obvious that  they have have subtle ways of using the race card.  McCain should be able to relate to these racial character smears.  President Bush used them against McCain during the 2000 South Carolina primary.  A malious claim that McCain had fathered a black baby out-of-wedlock was floated.  However, that experience taught him nothing.   He and Palin fully realize that there only chance at winning is by appealing to the fear against blacks so latent in many of the swing states.  Shame, shame, shame!!!!