Ten Post Round-Up: Big News In Digestible Bits (Wednesday, October 29th)

Yay! I voted, yesterday. Now, I get to sit back for another week and try to tune out some of the political drama that continues on, unabated. We’ve got idiots plotting mass killing and assassination sprees. We’ve got morons creating hoaxes to scare people. We have people doing evil and disgusting things to get their point across. On top of that, we still have the idiotic blather to contend with in the media and on many a campaign trail. I’ll definitely be glad when it’s all over. Then it will be time to hold our breaths as we watch whatever fallout will occur once the results are in, in a week or so.

Meanwhile, I’ll have the Ten Post Round-Up to help me pass the time. Hopefully, most of the news coming in, next week, will be worth posting about.

If you aren’t tired and fed up with all the robocalls you may be getting, check out this YouTube: Obama Girl Robocalls

On with today’s round-up:

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