The Obama Half Hour Just Ended (Full Video)

I have to say Barack Obama touched my heart deeply and resulted in frank, overt emotion. It was a series of stories with brilliant, honest connections that we all can understand.

Think of it: His own emotional story of his mother’s death. The horrid story of the woman without the insurance for her medications. Imagine the story of the third generation Ford plant worker in Louisville cut back to working every other week. Think his wife who has now lost her job. Was there anything somewhere in that series of stories that there that didn’t trigger some story, some memory, some emotion of family history, about some member of your family?

This was, for me, the transcendent moment of this campaign. Finally it brought together all the elements: the narrative of his life;  the narrative of the tough moments many of us are experiencing; the narrative of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, many of who faced great hardships simply to get here by themselves or with their families. My own family’s story is one of those.

I’ll never forget this night. I’ll post the video as I find it later. I’m emotionally shot. It just hit too close to home.

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One Response to The Obama Half Hour Just Ended (Full Video)

  1. ironxl84 says:

    And then there is other untold story….Will Cindy McCain have to give up her private jet after the restructuring of taxes?Now THAT is truly heartwrenching, isn’t it?Tom