FLASH! Michael Goldfarb Found!

(See yesterday’s post,”Gee. Where’s Michael Goldfarb?“)

Goldfarb located on Google radar (@ 11:28 AM, 30Oct2008) …

McCain, Palin demand L.A. Times release Obama video
Los Angeles Times, CA – 18 minutes ago

Asked to comment on McCain’s involvement with the Khalidi institute, campaign spokesman Michael Goldfarb replied, “You all can get a response as soon as you hand over the videotape.”


Opinion: The Hypocrisy File – McCain Funded Alleged Obama Radical
DigitalJournal.com, Canada – 7 hours ago

McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb said, “The election is one week away, and it’s unfortunate that the press so obviously favors Barack Obama that this …


McCain Slams LA Times for Double Standard in Withholding Obama …
FOXNews – 4 hours ago
… come close to equating to hours of dinnertime conversations and glowing testimonials at a farewell dinner,” retorted McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb. …

McCain rips L.A. Times on Obama video
Chicago Tribune, United States – 12 hours ago
“Khalidi is a sideshow,” McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb replied. “Just another in a long line of unsavory Obama associates, but it is obvious that …

The Buzz: A leap of farce?
Kansas City Star, MO – 14 hours ago

Oh, so all of a sudden newspapers matter?

McCain wants the Los Angeles Times to release a party video believed to show Obama in 2003 with Palestinian activist and former University of Chicago professor — and friend — Rashid Khalidi. McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb: “it’s unfortunate that the press so obviously favors Barack Obama that this campaign must publicly request … the Times do its job — make information public.”

The newspaper response: “The Times is not suppressing anything. Just the opposite — The L.A. Times brought the matter to light.”

McCain Slams LA Times for Double Standard
WFLA, FL – 16 hours ago
… come close to equating to hours of dinnertime conversations and glowing testimonials at a farewell dinner,” retorted McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb. …

The Khalidi Kerfluffle (sic)
Newsweek – 19 hours ago
McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb accused the paper of “intentionally suppressing information that provide a clearer link” between Obama and Khalidi. …

Title has been changed to “The Khalidi Connection” (although not the URL)

Report: Obama Praised PLO Activist
Arutz Sheva, Israel – 21 hours ago
… suppressing information that could provide a clearer link between Barack Obama and Rashid Khalidi,” said McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb. …


Now, what’s really interesting in all this is the subject of yesterday’s blogswarm:

click for actual page

The actual page is even more telling. As you expand the “Discussion” menu under each posting, the whipped-up pseudo-frenzy of the Usual Suspects dominates well over half of all the front page. There is physically not enough room to show it here; you merely see the collapsed list, and not even all of that. This is just the top of the page, folks.

And note here — http://www.memeorandum.com/081029/h0555 — what the top story was at 5:55 AM yesterday. Convenient McCain timing ain’t it?

Finally, the Chicago Tribune story not only provides an explanation of the “kerfluffle” (sic), BUT provides more transparency than ANY of the anonymously-started blog smears have:

“It must be nice for a candidate to have major news organizations looking after his best interests like that,” Palin said in Bowling Green, Ohio. “We have a newspaper willing to throw aside even the public’s right to know in order to protect a candidate that its own editorial board has endorsed.”

The Times has said that making the tape public would violate a promise to a confidential source who provided the video. The Times and Chicago Tribune have editorially endorsed Obama’s candidacy for president. The Times, like the Tribune, is owned by Tribune Co.

At least they LIST their conflicts of interest. The blogswarmers’ only interest is in conflict.

So, Goldfarb is out there spouting poisonous talking points* AND there is what seems to be a perfectly coordinated “coincidental” blog swarm on the exact topic that the McCain Campaign wants to talk about today?

You don’t have to actually be sighted to see what’s going on here.

Goldfarb is doing what they HIRED him to do. (See yesterday.) And his message is perfectly in lock-step with yet another phony “conspiracy” charge drummed up to distract from, say, the “B-Girl” fiasco of last week, the “Obama is a Redistributionist!” kerfuffle of Monday, which I dissected yesterday.

And, without dissecting this, this is exactly the same M.O.

The Mainstream Media will NOT address this in all probability, and I will tell you why:

They are so inured to “manipulation” of the press through media stunts, photo-ops, et al, ad infinitum, etcetera, ad nauseum that they literally don’t see it. It’s filtered out of their brains, even though this is, now, almost criminal manipulation of the media, from Rove’s lips to Hannutty’s (sic) ears.

Fox News always jumps in EARLY on the talking point. They are always the ones who yank it out of the Drudgeosphere and the blogosmear™ to the point that — as denoted above — the legitimate news organizations end up HAVING to address (by their lights) the newest sleaze to plop on the wall.

Helluva twofer, though. Attack the New York Times on the McCain Page and attack the Los Angeles Times via the media. A coast-to-coast attacking the messenger that’s breathtaking in its sheer, hateful arrogance.*

[* Why is it, I wonder, that the Righties scream reflexively that the “MSM is BIASED!” but it never causes a twinge that they are unabashedly and unashamedly biased? Isn’t that which is sauce for the goose sauce for the gander? Oh, IOKIYAR. Sorry.]

click for the full page

It is the classical Rovian “capture the media cycle” played out daily through a concerted and coordinated blog swarm, to dignify a non-story as a story.

Thus, the “fact check” segments end up with no time to debunk, other than having to examine the putrefying lump of the latest smear in that day’s segment or column.

Even if they are proven to be lying (as has happened every day) about a triviality, the Rovian Campaign of McCain still WINS, because they have controlled the conversation. I asked yesterday if, given their past track record, the rightie blogs were being coordinated to deliver the official “line” for the day with Weekly Standard staffer Goldfarb leading it, with his past track record in doing precisely that.

No smoking gun, but the weight of evidence clarifies the issue just about anywhere outside of a criminal case in the courts. In a civil case, please note, the bar “preponderance of evidence” is lower, and I would argue that we have a demonstrable case of a conspiracy to manipulate the news, and, therefore, the public with a bunch of sleazy smear tactics.

Why is it important to take careful note of this mechanism, if, as pundits bloviate, the election is all but over? Because this vicious propaganda machine took control once before, and, if we don’t take note now, they will take control of our national debate and government again. And I think we all know how pleasant THAT experience has been over the last eight years.

And STILL it continues:

Mere Rhetoric:
PICS AND VIDEO FROM THE LA TIMES “FREE THE TAPE” PROTEST (UPDATED: 2ND VIDEO, 25 PIC GALLERY ADDED) — This is why we’re losing. We don’t know how to throw a protest. A potentially explosive national issue with questions about judgment that are at the center of a Presidential election.

Link Search: Technorati, Google, IceRocket, and Ask

Discussion: Little Green Footballs and Say Anything

Little Green Footballs: A Report from the LA Times Protest …

Rob / Say Anything: LA Times Spokesman: Releasing The Khalidi/Obama Tape Might Put Source In Jeopardy

So, I’ve presented my case, and played Toto with the Wizard’s curtain. This is not an accident; this has been done to YOU, to manipulate your emotions in service to the worst and ugliest political agenda in American history arguably since the Secession.

I can only ride through your town yelling “The Redcoats are coming!” I can’t pick up your musket for you, and I can’t make the decision about what you want to do with it. I leave the verdict in your hands.

Oh, and, as of 6:00 PM EDT, Michael Goldfarb’s “McCain Report” page on the official site STILL hasn’t been updated since last Friday.

That’s six straight days. Seven would make one weak. (sic)

I rest my case.



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UPDATE: Here’s some video for you. (h/t Atrios)

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