The Lies and Distortions By McCain Of His Career and Life (video)

Rolling Stone has published a cover story on John McCain that has the most damning, well documented biography of his life I’ve seen. I thought I knew the deceptions of John McCain. I didn’t know one-tenth of the real story. I won’t try to summarize this lengthy article. There is simply too much data, too much collaboration and too much much shocking evidence of this mans total disqualification from the highest office in the land.

While this article is lengthy it must be read and spread as far as our readers can spread it. Trying to summarize the evidence in the article is impossible. As any well written piece, the narrative builds on itself to an inescapable conclusion. John McCain, the man that we at least thought had an honorable record as a POW, is exposed as ambitious man willing to even lie about and distort that horrid experience. Those acts are simply dishonorable. Collaboration comes from fellow POW’s. It is sickening.

There is a short video from the author summarizing the ‘5 Myths About John McCain‘. This is evidence is far more shocking that his choice of Sarah Palin. It’s that bad. Please read it and either post it on other blogs, preferably right wing blogs, or send it by email.

I find the entire story simply disgusting and dishonorable. He out does George W. Bush. It’s that bad.

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4 Responses to The Lies and Distortions By McCain Of His Career and Life (video)

  1. ironxl84 says:

    Hey, is anybody like me?I check the online Electoral Charts on the hour, everyday.Is it really possible? Can we overthrow the predominant Republican Regime of the last generation?Was Bill Clinton an anomaly?Is it really possible that we are entering a new era?Will I be celebrating in the street November 4, or will it be another forgotten dream?Its never looked better America,NOW IS THE TIME TO CHANGE THINGS FOREVER.Otherwise, I want to leave the USA forever.TOM 

  2. Why haven’t these items been highly published?   The right wing media has had no problem discrediting the character of Senator Obama.   I personally have always considered McCain a little slimey.   Another note-worthy fact, which was left out,  is his incredible temper and sudden bursts of anger.  There are many videos of him on the Senate floor completely loosing his cool.  He does not hesitate to use fowl language in public when lashing out at oppponents.  These recorded facts needed to be brought out early on in the campaign!!   Does America really want a President who has absolutely no control over his anger to be the next Commander-In-Chief.  If Obama looses, it will be in part due to the fact that they failed to reveal the real John McCain to the electorate!!! 

  3. Tracy says:

             What Arizona Senator and his office of the early 1990’s considered themselves too busy or above the common man to even offer acknowledgement of the written and telephone pleas of this grieving mother to re-examine the grossly mishandled prosecution of her 15 year old son’s murderers?  
             This was not some random inner city event that sadly, too often, is brushed aside by authorities. This was a planned and paid for execution of three people in a middle class suburb of Phoenix, a plan that was hatched and executed over several states. A plan thorough enough that it was only a wry twist of fate and a tough officer of the law in yet another state, six months after the murders, that  made three arrests and got a confession from the shooter.
            Under our justice system (which I used to believe in) that should have been the beginning of the end. Try them, convict them and punish them but it didn’t go down that way. The shooter plea bargained to avoid the death penalty, a fourth co-conspirator that was located was given total immunity for her testimony, the youngest co-conspirator pled out as well but his father, the only one with the intelligence or money to have made this happen, chose to stand trial. He was tried and convicted.
            As I anxiously awaited a sentencing hearing, having just buried my husband due to the stress of all this, there were dealings behind the scene. The defense attorney admitted himself to drug rehab.  While awaiting a decision if the conviction would in fact, be overturned for inadequate counsel, this defendant’s son was housed with the shooter and stabbed him for testifying against his father. The defendant was released on $55,000 bond (for 3 murders?) There were many twists and turns as this dragged on for years but the bottom line is there never was a retrial, just a gross miscarriage of justice.
           I never forgot the Senator’s lack of acknowledgement and while I can not say with absolute certainty that the Senator himself actually saw or heard of my pleas it is a certainty that he hand picked the people in his office that would decide what issues were worthy of his attention. What does this say?
           Two of the victims were extremely bright young people with promising futures that likely would have contributed a great deal to the world they lived in. Now we will never know…

  4. First to Tracy: That is one of the most horrifying stories of tragedy in a family and in the court system that I’ve heard from the mom. It breaks my heart and the fact that the Senator’s office didn’t, from what I gather even take the time to offer to even look into the matter is another example of the lack of compassion all to common in the political system today. On Tuesday perhaps we can begin a new era. Perhaps. Even if Obama wins every elected official isn’t going to purge his/her staff. And it’s the staff that handles these things. My heart goes out to you.

    To Mr. Stoddard;
    I have no adequate explanation why, even Olbermann or Maddow if no one else, didn’t do this detailed research. I’d be curious if it took so long to pull together that he was only able to get it publish now. Perhaps the lack of detailed background analysis is part of the journalistic problem created by layoff’s at most newspapers and nearly all TV stations.

    Barack Obama made it a point not to engage in the ‘past’. That doesn’t mean some other group couldn’t have done the research and found the truth. They could have engaged the media with the fascinating and stomack churning story. It is a good story. So Barack Obama himself was out. But what of his Oppo research?  Was that buried too? Or did McCain’s nomination seem so unlikely that the Oppo team simply didn’t have time to dig as deep as this article.

    I don’t know. Perhaps we’ll never know. I saw a similar piece on George W. Bush, well documented and well written in Rolling Stone, that never made the traditional or even the non-traditional media. Is it that this info comes from Rolling Stone and is there for suspect?  Is Mother Jones’ reporting suspect for the same reasons? Perhaps they are suspect.

    That doesn’t mean however that these articles couldn’t lay out a path for other investigative journalists to follow and verify for themselves. Why didn’t they do just that? I don’t know.

    To Iron184: Yep. We are on the verge of a victory of historic significance. Yet that is only true if we access the Barack Obama website, sign up for phone banking, get our numbers in critical states and start calling? TODAY! TOMORROW! MONDAY! On Tues start calling to make certain the people voted. Walk a precinct in your town.

    In other words, for all the rhetoric, for all the desparate desire for change, for all the rallies, for all the debates, for all the hope and desire of millions this election will come down to just one thing: OLD FASHIONED POLITICAL GRASSROOTS ACTION! Get busy.