Rachel Maddow Interviews Barack Obama (Part 1)

I didn’t know until today that Rachel Maddow is, in addition to being a very good radio host and funny as hell, also a Standford University graduate with a degree in Public Policy. Thereafter she was awarded a Rhodes scholarship where she received her Doctorate of Political Science degree. No wonder she’s smarter than I am. She now has her own television show on MSNBC in addition to her two hour show on Air America. Here’s the first part of her interview with Barack Obama yesterday in Sarasota, Florida

Barack Obama’s references to the necessary rebuilding of key elements of our national structure, using the electrical grid as a reference point, is important. According to a study some years ago in California a person could take down most of Southern California’s electrical grid easily. Very easily. Scary thought. Perhaps we have those towers guarded today but most doubt it. The safety of our chemical industry is something every Democratic candidate mentions in the context of national security but mainstream Republicans are silent on the topic.

Part 2 next.

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