Turnout Will Be The Key For Obama

Barack Obama has two key messages for everyone that supports his effort to become the President. First, don’t take the polls at face value. Second, work, work, work!

As he keeps saying at every stop and in every interview, turnout of his voters is crucial to his victory. He tells his crowds and newspeople to take nothing for granted. The polls mean nothing to him in these last days. Democrats, especially the one’s that were centrally involved in Al Gore’s campaign, are flinchy and concerned about the ‘October Surprise’ or the ‘November 2nd Surprise’.

They, like me, don’t trust the strategic minds of the Republican Right Wing to stay silent and uninvolved in this campaign. We’ve made that mistake too many times.

The Obama wants a complete ‘all hands on deck’ until the elections close on the West Coast. Sounds like good advice to me. Remeber we are fighting for America, The Constitution and America’s leadership of the world. For me, it’s just that simple.

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