The Media Auto Know Better: Fueling Anti-Union Fires

My local newspaper editor, as he does regularly, once again attacked unions as the problem in America. This is the same editor who once said “all the laziest goof-offs and goldbricks in the newsroom” where he began his career were union officials—and that the unionized New York Times editorial writers … Continue reading

Detroit’s Big Three: Actual CEO Opening Statements To Congress

I’ve been pounding an unpopular table in several places trying to show people that a $25 Billion investment/loan is critical for the US and makes common sense. I’ve taken a couple of days off from working on the subject. Today, I’ve finally found the opening statements of all three automakers … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving To All

For me, and I’m certain for every reader, this is a day to say thanks for the good things in our lives. I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving day with friends and family. Everyday, if nothing else, we have the gift of sunrise.

Thanking Sarah Palin

Part 2, in which battling spokespersons collude like you wouldn’t believe. (Part i was yesterday’s “Moving America Bass-ackwards“) They are the political equivalent of unscrupulous telemarketers or internet phishers: This week, they’re a prince from Nigeria; the next, they’re telling you that you’ve won the Liechtensteiner lottery, or they’re from … Continue reading

White House pressures mayors on greenhouse gas emissions

He may be the lamest of lame ducks, but George W. Bush is still doing immense damage. Consider: As the Bush administration prepares to issue its ruling on whether to limit greenhouse gases, it’s sending out a message to some of its allies: Tell us how much you don’t want … Continue reading

Detroit Part 4 : Necessary Leadership and Reality

[First, let me say these are my own suggestions to help the situation. These are the changes I wish to see in the automakers.  I will be doing more fact based writing, fully resourced, in the next few days. I agree with Rachel Maddow (video) that the attack on the UAW and … Continue reading