The New Ugly: More Ignorance and Bigotry in the McCain-Palin Mob

The latest chant at Palin rallies is this: “Vote McCain, not Hussein!” or “John McCain! Not Hussein!” As NYT’s The Caucus is reporting, the former made an appearance at a rally earlier this week in Pennsylvania, the latter at one this morning in Florida:

After the rally in Florida ended, two of the people leading the chant explained why they did so.

“Because it rhymes,” said Shirley Mitten, 64, a volunteer at a pregnancy center and a resident of Brooksville, Fla. She said she does not know if Mr. Obama is a Muslim. “He says he’s not, but we have no way of knowing,” Ms. Mitten said.

Her husband, John A. Mitten, 64, took credit for starting the chant. “I was trying to get it going!” he said. “I just do not want Obama to be elected.”

Mr. Mitten said he could not trust Mr. Obama because of his past association with William Ayers, the 1960’s radical, and because of his relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. He also pointed out that Mr. Obama’s father was a Muslim.

The middle name Hussein, he said, added to the suspicion. “I guess Obama was named after Saddam Hussein,” he said.

We do know that Obama’s not a Muslim, and we do know that the Mittens are a couple of blithering idiots. But they are hardly the only ones in the McCain-Palin mob. And it isn’t just ignorance that drives them, it’s bigotry.

For so what if Obama were a Muslim? Would that automatically disqualify him from public office? Well, yes, to these people who are so full of hatred and spite.

And yet there they are, cheering on Sarah Palin, herself the cheerleader of the mob, spewing lies and deceptions at rally after rally.

Not all McCain-Palin supporters are like that, to be sure, but many of them are, and the ugliness, vicious attacks on Obama, some of it undeniably racist, has become a defining feature both of the McCain-Palin campaign and of its grassroots support.

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3 Responses to The New Ugly: More Ignorance and Bigotry in the McCain-Palin Mob

  1. NotACommie says:

    How is that bigotry to refer to him as Hussein? Everyone refers to Bush as W. Making an issue out of that seems slanderous itself.

  2. Using the name is designed to denigrate the candidate and inflame racial hatred and fear. It was the height of ignorance for the speaker not to quickly stop that chant and show the crowd, as John McCain did once that Barack Obama is an American and a good man. He did it once.

    Everytime there’s even a BOO at one of Obama’s rallies he stops it immediately saying, “We don’t need that..”
    W., since you don’t know obviously, is how George W. Bush is addressed within his own family.

  3. ironxl84 says:

    It’s just plain obvious at this point, that if McCain were to pull off an upset – it would not be on the merits of his own “selling points”, but rather the Republican dirty tricks and subterfuge which we have come to expect.Clearly Barack Obama speaks to what the entire world craves in a US President, while McCain would only continue that which we revile.I am holding my breath, hoping that the talk of a “Bradley effect” is just that – talk.Yet, the Sean Hannity’s of this world have seen us crash and burn in the past, but NOT this time methinks. OK, back to optimism – when Barack DOES gain the Presidency, we will have entered a new era in the US Political Dynamic, living proof of MLK’s statement that a man should be judged on the content of his character rather than the color of his skin.BTW, I am white FWIW.Meanwhile, maybe the Neo-Nazis and skinheads in the USA will find a new stomping ground – Alaska.I understand that Wasilla is the crystal meth capital there. They will feel right at home.Let Sarah deal with them – she opened Pandora’s Box!They deserve each other.Tom