Mr. President-Elect Barack Obama

At exactly 11:01 EST MSNBC and every other news organization has called the 2008 Presidential election for Barack Obama. The scene with hundreds of thousands of people in Chicago at Grant Park is one of happiness, tears and celebration.

Like the song says, ‘signed,sealed, delivered I’m yours.’  That’s President-Elect Obama’s message to us tonight. Can you believe that in 1968 some of us fought and shed blood in that same park?

Soon an African-American man and his beautiful family will be the First Family. The ultimate color line has been broken forever.  This is the ultimate realization of the goal of all that blood shed so many years ago in so many ways has been realized.

The dogs in Birmingham, the firehoses, the murders, the abuse, the street marches, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Caesar Chavez, Delores Huerta and thousands of others that will forever be nameless… all paved the way for this moment.


(BTW: As far as I’m concerned this moment has nothing to do with politics. That can wait until tomorrow. Those of us who grew up with racists, this is a moment to be savored.)

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One Response to Mr. President-Elect Barack Obama

  1. As I am writing this, CNN has just given Obama the state of Virginia, and their 14 Electoral Votes…you are right, this race is SO OVER…in fact, think I officially called it around 8:30 on my own blog.  We just need CNN, or ABC or maybe FOX (yeah right) to call it, make it official that Obama is our next President.It is going to be interesting…WOW…CNN JUST CALLED IT!  Barack is PRESIDENT!