Ten Post Round-Up: Election Day Edition!

Yippy! Hurray! It’s election day and we’re down to the very last nail-biting, brain-numbing hours of playing “Election Day Shuffleboard”. How can you NOT be excited?

Whether your candidate of choice wins or not, today’s election is historic on so many levels. We’ve got race, we’ve got sex, we’ve even got the crazy! And, very, very, long lines. And, of course, election machines that act more like those electronic gaming machines at your local casino (oh, you may think the odds are in your favor, but just watch as the machine eats your vote and gives it to the other guy!).

Oh, yeah! Can’t you smell the excitement in the air (or is that something else…)?

I’m not going to offer up any kind of arm-chair pundit predictions for you. I’m not going to predict the end of the world or a dawning of a new American century. I am going to offer you a list of things to help you wile away the hours between now and whatever time (or day) we actually find out who the next president of the United States is. So venture forth into today’s Ten Post Round-Up. It’s time to revisit the hi-jinx of this fading election cycle.

Of course, before we go there, I offer you this “Dear John Letter” from some of our nation’s children.

Now, it’s time to reminisce:

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