Ten Post Round-Up: Proud To Be An American Edition

Before we just roll right into today’s Ten Post Round-Up, I just gotta say, “Wow!  Just: Wow!”.

Wow: At the voter turnout.  Young folks finally got off their humps to vote for a change. (No pun, intended)

Wow: At the fact, that despite all the shenanigans perpetrated by electronic voting machines and some “operatives” at the polls and some operatives trying to trick people into missing the polls, FINALLY, this was on election that they couldn’t flip.

Wow: At the fact that for whatever reasons: the economy, the war, civil rights (particularly for LGBT citizens), or women’s rights, even Americans who said they would never vote for a black person, voted for a man who is not only African-American, but also a man who has  a “funny” name.

Wow: At the fact that America and in the form of President-elect Barack Hussein Obama, has “bravely passed” one more milestone.

Now, I am not under any illusions that Obama is some kind of savior or any kind of saint.  He is a man; a human being with faults and failings.  He is a politician; and like any politician, he will do those things expedient to get himself re-elected.  But, the kinds of hateful things and racist comments I am seeing and hearing are making me wonder just want so many people are afraid of in an Obama presidency.  They wail “It’s because he’s a Democrat! He’ll give birth control to our children!”. They scream, “It’s because he’s a liberal, he’ll take away our God!”.  They thrash about all the while worrying that now “Black people will imprison us, to get us back for all those years of slavery!” (a completely ridiculous notion and not even worthy of comment, except to watch, astounded, at the ignorance of some people).

Make no mistake, a President Obama will be held to the same standard as a President Bush.  We will call him on the stupid policies he puts forward.  We will cry foul when a President Obama and the Democratic-stonghold in the Legislative branch try to put things forward that smack in the face of true American democracy.  Make no mistake, he’s not a saint, but he is our next president.

And, although, Dizzy is a registered Libertarian, I am not sad that a Democrat is our next president and I am proud to say that Barack Hussein Obama is the next President of the United States.  This is something that my grandparents and my parents marched for and stood up for, so many years ago.  I am proud to say that my country was finally able to look past the “politics of race” and vote for a “change” from the policies of the last eight years.  I am proud to say that my country was finally able to get off their asses and vote against another Bush presidency (no thanks, John McCain!).  I am proud that I can now tell my children that, indeed, it is possible for a kid with black skin or black parents, to be President.  I have never been more proud to be a citizen of the United States of America.

One last thing:  President Obama, if you &%$# this up, we will be on your ass like white on rice!  The American people voted for change, if you don’t bring it, we can sweep you out of the White House just like you were swept in!  Congratulations and all, but you better fly right or look for a new job in four years!

In the meantime, enjoy your honeymoon period, Mr. President-elect, you deserve it.

Now, onto the Round-up:

There’s Hope!


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One Response to Ten Post Round-Up: Proud To Be An American Edition

  1. Brad says:

    All this election has proven is that corruption and money trump integrity every time. For someone who argued so strongly against the “trickle-down” theory of economics Mr. “Game-Changer” sure didn’t seem to mind breaking his promise not to accept corporate financing.  This rank hypocrisy allowed him to  outspend his opponent by a margin of at least 4 to 1. 
    Obama showed that he has no more character than the creeps on Capitol Hill. But hey, what can I say?  Love is blind, right?