Ten Post Round-Up: Big News In Digestible Bits (Thursday, November 6th)

Well, the good news is, the presidential election is finally over.  Obama/Biden clinched it and McCain/Palin are slinking off into the sunset, but not without leaving a trail of “shoulda-coulda-woulda” in their wake.  We are very, very lucky that Bible Spice did not get anywhere near the Oval office in any kind of “official” capacity, is all I’m sayin’.

Of course, the bad news, if the blogosphere is any indication, is that right out of the gate, Obama has made a pick for Chief of Staff that not many progressives are very pleased with.  Too bad for Obama, that halo was starting to fit nicely.  It is kind of a relief to be reassured that our President-elect is, indeed, a politician.

No matter, so long as there is news, political or otherwise, there’s always today’s Ten Post Round-Up.  Unfortunately, or thankfully, in due time, we won’t have GWB or Bible Spice to kick around any longer.  So here’s hoping that an Obama administration will provide plenty of grist for the mill (…or not).

Anyway, if today’s round-up has a theme, it would be that “racism is not dead”.  It didn’t suddenly disappear because the US elected a black president.  President-elect Obama’s win does not reflect any more on the average person of color any more than Senator Clinton’s loss of the nomination reflected on the average woman.

There are still, in our midst, people who will continue to disrespect and denigrate people of color, no matter how much power other POC rise to.  Just because America elected a black man to the presidency does not mean that “we are even” for all the “sins” of the past.  I might add, it’s also no reason for non-POC to fear that POC are all going to suddenly rise up and exact our revenge for said sins.

What Obama’s win does mean is that with a lot of temerity, motivation, a positive message, and a lot of support, any man, regardless of race, can do whatever he puts his mind to.  His win proves that indeed, American’s can look past their baser judgments and elect someone whom they wouldn’t normally consider a worthy candidate.  But, it does not mean we are now entering a “post-racial” era.

We’ve come a long way, but we still have quite a ways to go to get to where we are going…

In the usual fashion, before we move on to the Round-up, please accept my YouTube offering, brought to you by “This Week In Blackness”: President-Elect OBAMA

Now, onto the Round-up:

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  1. brad in washington says:

    Ok–so the anagram of “republicans” turns into “cure palin bs”