Barney’s Damn Grumpy And Sick Of Everything Too

[If you don’t like blunt talk and street language you should move on the next post. BTW, I’ve pretty well had it being nice. I may go off from time to time. 5 years of almost fulltime fighting has left me broke and angry towards those that so damaged our Constitution and the image of America around the world. So screw ’em…and screw ’em every chance we get. Bi-partisan my ass. In the weeks ahead we’ll see if these evil bastards in Congress want to play nice or if we need to kick ass and take names. I’m willing to play nice if they are. Fat chance.]

The ultimate in retribution of the truly Right Wing Rushbaby Republican was the election of Barack Obama. It repudiated all these years of having everything that was good about America shoved up our collective ass. We have  had to listen to Hate Radio, and I can find no more moderate phrase to describe the evil bastards, and watch their recruitment of others jerk off’s into their army.

We’ve been forced to put up with getting slandered from the Presidential podium and getting ratpacked in Congress. Now we finally have a real majority in the House, a bigger majority in the Senate and a Democratic in the White House. To top it off he’s Black.

it is the Right Wing Republican’s worst nightmare. Now only did they lose but to a Black man, who shouldn’t even be on the ballot if they were to admit to their most private, secret opinion, but they really got their asskicked.

So even Barney’s grumpy as hell too. All he wants, like the rest of the current administration to be left the damn hell alone. Of course that’s been the attitude of the Bush admin since it’s beginning. “Screw you, America, we know better.” Barney finally snapped. He hasn’t had an easy time being around a bunch of assholes who probably weren’t real lovely, dovey to the First Dog. He didn’t do any real damage to the guy but I think The Rude Pundit speaks well for poor Barney who probably wasn’t the happyist dog in America.

“So, yeah, bitches, I was feelin’ a little tense from lack of sleep and all the yelling and I’m outside, just wantin’ to take a private shit for once and the goddamn press dicks surround me, asking me what I thought about the Obama kids getting a puppy. Who the fuck cares? Get your fucking cameras out of my face. So when Decker tried to get all personal, I snapped and then I snapped. Yeah, motherfucker. You got off easy. Now get the fuck out of my room. This coke ain’t gonna snort itself.”

10-4, Barney. Got it.

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