Ten Post Round-Up: Big News In Digestible Bits (Friday, November 7th)

It seems as if everybody is coming down from their collective presidential election hang-over.  President-elect Barack Obama has already begun picking the people who will be in his administration (much to the chagrin of many Progressives).  President Bush is continuing his lame-duck administration, unfortunately, that doesn’t include another lengthy vacation on the Crawford ranch.

Right now, I am feeling part, light-hearted and part, apprehensive.  We finally have a president who will bring change and I am confident that he will be a far better president than the guy who currently has the job, so I’m not stressing Obama, right now.  But, then, we still have GWB in office and the news isn’t good, as he’s trying to mix up as much crap as he can for his cronies before he exits, stage right.  I’m upbeat about what’s coming down the pike in 73 days, but I am anxious about what Bush is going to pull during the last throes of his administration.

I’ve managed to find some posts to reflect on in today’s Ten Post Round-Up.  But, it’s the weekend, so we need a far more upbeat video for the day.

Check out this remix of President-elect Obama’s acceptance speech: Barack Obama Song – Yes We Can

Now, onto the Round-up:


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One Response to Ten Post Round-Up: Big News In Digestible Bits (Friday, November 7th)

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Dizzy, I share your distrust of the GWB final days, but here’s our consolation. The only tools left to him are administrative rule making, and that means he can do nothing that his successor cannot reverse with the stroke of a pen. I’m confident that BHO has someone assigned to monitor this arena, and a game plan that will negate nearly all damage from it.