Pat Buchanan Loves Palin And Reveals Himself A Creationist

On David Gregorie’s MSNBC news show, now renamed 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, hosted by a substitute anchor, Lawrence O’Donell and good ‘ol Pat B got into it pretty big time. O’Donell, finally fed up told Pat that his party celebrated ignorance. Finally O’Donell asked Pat if he believes in evolution. You absolutely must watch this video to get the whole story. Notice Richard Wolffe laughing in the corner of the screen.

This is the ultimate in absolutely hitting the nail on the head, and hopefully through the heads of the bastards that run the Right-Wing GOP. This is positive proof of the anti-intellectualism of the far right. What amazed me so much was that Pat Buchanan, when he’s not preaching the gospel of the GOP, is a good political analyst. How can that level of intelligence be true when, on another level, he denies evolution. Two realities don’t jive. [I know many here will disagree with me about Pat Buchanan’s analysis capability. Yet I’m fully dedicated to Practical Politics. At that aspect he’s been in the ditches for a long time. When he starts spouting his GOP nonsense I tune out.]

I believe there are perfectly reasonable Republicans. I also think they voted with the Democrats this time. This is one stunning piece of video captured first by Firedoglake. A hat tip to a diarist at dKos sluggahjells.

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One Response to Pat Buchanan Loves Palin And Reveals Himself A Creationist

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    It’s too bad that there is not a way to feature the comments Limbaugh made the week before the election guaranteeing a McCain victory, and justifying the statement by claiming that all of the polls have been cooked. When it comes to red meat conservatism, full on cultural warfare types the curtain has now been pulled back and it turns out that that they have always been big smoke and no fire.