Most Unpopular Ever; or, Why Bush Will Not Be Another Truman

A new CNN poll finds that Bush is “the most unpopular president since approval ratings were first sought more than six decades ago,” with disapproval ratings above 70 this year.

Which makes him more unpopular than Nixon… and Truman.

Yes, yes, I know, look what happened to Truman: Vindicated by history, now considered to be one of the best of the last century, celebrated by Democrats and Republicans alike.

All I can say is, W. is no S.

Truman was the great exception, assuming the presidency at a difficult time, upon FDR’s death, and ending up in Korea. Bush’s admirers, ever optimistic, if delusionally so, point to him precisely because he was an exception — because, of course, they hope Bush will be one, too, deeply unpopular at the end of his presidency but ultimately resurrected.

One has one’s doubts.

Truman may or may not deserve his vindication — I would argue that he deserves some of it but that the pendulum has swung too far in his favour — but he was nonetheless an admirable man who presided over the early years of post-war America, laying the groundwork for so much of what was to come both in terms of foreign and domestic policy, much of it positive.

As for Bush, he has presided over the implementation of a mostly right-wing agenda, cultivating the culture of fear and division and weakening America both at home and abroad. Some historians may eventually give him some of the benefit of whatever doubt remains, but an exception like Truman he will never be.

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4 Responses to Most Unpopular Ever; or, Why Bush Will Not Be Another Truman

  1. Not only is he the most unpopular, it is widely believed that he (and Cheney) are the most corrupt.  Laws have been broken without any regard to the Constitution.  Freedoms, previously taken for granted, have been denied or infringed on.  They utilized fear tactics to initiate a pre-emptive war in Iraq which has cost us dearly in money and lives.  In John Dean’s book “Worse Than Watergate” there are examples proving beyond any doubt that the administraton of “The Decider” was far worse than the administration of “Tricky Dickie.”The saddest thing is that these two crooks (Bush/Cheney) are going to get away with this.  Neither the people, the media, or the Congress has held this administration responsible for it’s utter corruption.  Nancy Pelosi is partially to blame for taking impeachment, “off the table”.   They have even had the arrogance to ignore congressional supoenas without consequence.  There should be some way to hold these thugs responsible before they sneek out the back door on 1/20/09.   Buzz

  2. John Stone says:

    Bush is the worst President ever and I am so glad that we now have a Democratic President.  Bush need not make any excuses, he was The Decider and he did it his way. As we know his way was wrong all the time! Will he be held accountable? I don’t know, but he should be and the News Media that gave him a free pass in two elections and in  his failed and corrupt administration should be ashamed of themselves .Bush makes Nixon and Reagan look good and that is hard to do. I am so thankful that the Bush Administration is almost fininshed. The bad thing is that they almost fininshed all of us!

  3. teds says:

    I think bush is not so bad….

  4. Dan says:

    Was reading somewhere the belief that Bush’s approval rating would probably rise some after he leaves office. However, I believe that it will drop even further. He offended a lot of those 29% when he said that he didn’t accept the bible literally–probably going to loose 10 points or so there. Then, in future elections, any Republican is going to have to distance themselves as far as they can from Bush, because Democrats will bring up Bush’s record when these future Republicans say they are a Regan Republican, so there are some more points–and his approval is NOT going to rise among Democrats. So, I can’t see how it could go up.And Bush will also make voters think when they say that being a Governor should give them a leg up on Senators, Congressmen, etc. Yes, Bush has ruined things for the whole country for many many years to come, especially Republicans. Hopefully we are in a steep Republican glide-path to the lowest depths of Depression. Bush’s Depression. Bush’s War.Good bye George and good riddance.