The Most Inspiring Speech: Was It Only 6 Days Ago? A Personal Perspective

In Grant Park Barack Obama gave hope back to millions of people around the world. Grant Park had been the scene of some of the worst of America and that night it was resoundingly the site of some of the best of America.

Listen again and tell me it isn’t uplifting, rewarding, hopeful and inclusive. When I saw this again today I just had to bring it back to the DemDaily because we need to hear it again and again. Only by repetition will we remember long enough to know that the work ahead will take not months, not 4 years, but many years.

We, through Barack Obama and Joe Biden, are assuming the task of changing an ingrained system of politics that has impeded our ability to govern. That cannot happen overnight. It will not happen in 100 days. It can’t fully happen in a 4 year term. We can, however, make a good start. It can be finished years down the road if we take the time to teach our children and grandchildren the gift of civic service and perhaps public service.

If we begin to snipe and question the Obama Administration’s potential decisions, which I have already seen begin to happen on other blogs, then they won’t have the full faith and power of the millions that put them in office. Listen again to that speech and have faith the best will happen over time and with our help.

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