California to Consider Prop. 8 Challenges

From the S.F. Chronicle: The California Supreme Court has asked state Attorney General Jerry Brown to reply by Monday to lawsuits challenging the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage — a sign that the justices are taking the cases seriously and will not dispose of them quickly. A good sign indeed. … Continue reading

No Gore

From TNR’s Seyward Darby: “Looks like Al Gore won’t be joining Team Obama. A spokesperson says, he ‘does not intend to seek or accept any formal position in government.’” Alas, I sigh, a great Gore admirer, who once thought Gore-Obama sounded awfully good, and who thought he was (and who … Continue reading

Making an Invisible Minority Less Invisible

by Walter Brasch During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama was called mentally unstable; his supporters were called unpatriotic. At Sarah Palin rallies, in newspaper letters-to-the-editor, on conservative radio and TV talk shows, supporters spewed hatreds, resorting to the Bush tactics of fear mongering to support their own candidate. At many … Continue reading