Goddamn Idiots in Washington and The Big Three Investment Plan

I put up a post a bit ago about my view of the The Big Three auto industry investment.

But I just found out that nowhere are they talking about slapping these jerk-off’s around. Chris Matthews is suggesting that the executive compensation be limited to the President’s salary which, I believe, is $200,000.

And now on Hardball there’s a goddamn idiot f***king Republican from Georgia saying let them fail if necessary. Matthews says 3 million jobs lost total. Shit, that isn’t even the beginning. I’ll be surprised if it isn’t nearly 7 million. The ripples in this pond go forever.

Here’s what I want, beyond a plan that shows they know what the hell to do next;

  1. Your pay, Mr. Executive, is exactly $1 a month. That’s it asshole. $1 a month. Get some new products that can lead to your company getting turned around and you get your money back.
  2. All members of the Boards of Directors are hereby paid at $1 per meeting. All meetings to be held on the empty plant floors of whatever factory you have to shut down. You shut ’em down, you sumabitchs, because you didn’t want to admit the reality that someday, somehow, an oil shortage would happen so then you can sit your ass on a folding chair, at a folding table and have your fancy ass meeting.
  3. UAW to come up with their own plan for helping out the situation. UAW Executives will be limited to $100K since they aren’t the millionaires in the corporation. If I’m wrong on that fact then screw ’em they can get a $1a month. But the UAW has to come up with innovations and ideas that will help the long term prospects of our auto industry.  And the UAW better remember how the members used to rumble when their livelihoods were threatened. Go ahead and dog it, UAW Exec’s, and see how long it takes for you to wake up to a group of the brotherhood outside your damn big house. Unions guys will not let you take their industry away from them.

I’m pissed, as you can tell. By god, there are ways to make this work and get the idiots to pay a price. And, yes, I did send an email to Lee Iacocca.

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2 Responses to Goddamn Idiots in Washington and The Big Three Investment Plan

  1. jesse says:

    how hypocritical, that if i bash you and cuss on this page “it will not not be tolerated, and it will be edited” you need to take your own medicine-you damn demo-crap! i believe  this world is all messed up cause of you liberals, and conservatives. i believe in ” eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” you muther -fers argue not for the people but for your own selfish gain you step on the rights of others to your benefits.free country yeah!right! thanks for your contribution to  the destruction and dumbing down of this great country!! you have a great day you hypocrite and remember you’re no better than a terrorist. 

  2. What an isane statement. Enjoy yourself writing it. I did not attack an individual or person directly. I attacked a metaphoric industry executive.

    Believe as you will, but those two posts are more for the people of the United States and anything I can find in your comment.