A Real Question: How To Get A Better Idea To Washington?

I have been trying to reach a specific person of influence to assist in one good, simple, easy idea to create a beta project that will lead to a viable, larger job creation program that would save energy at the same time. Not much luck so far but I will keep trying.

At the same time a friend and political associate called yesterday with a truly good idea for the Big Three Automakers. The idea would simulate sales through the ceiling and thereby create the revenue they need to survive the credit crisis. The originator is a former major executive of a major corporation, knows what he’s talking about but his contacts, like mine, are old.

I’m asking for ideas on how to get good, feasible ideas/plans to the people who deal with the decision makers in Washington. Simply emailing them in isn’t going to get the job done 99 times out of 100. Any ideas, DemDaily readers?

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