Aye — There Be Pirates


Those gosh darned pirates!

They took advantage of the complete lack of meaningful governance by locating the easy pickings.

And, in so doing, they developed a new criminal tactic based on some very old criminal tactics.

They preyed on the weakest and most vulnerable, and then held them ransom for their extravagant demands.

When questioned by reporters, they replied, “We have families to feed too, you know.”

The nations of the world scratched their heads and tried to come up with a proper response.

And their representatives came to Washington, D.C. and ate smoked quail and rack of lamb, washed down with $500-a-bottle wine.


Oh, you thought I was talking about the Somali pirates.

I was thinking about the bankers and the bundlers and the hedge fund managers who went after the cheap mortgage market, the check cashing places and pay day loan places (one of the biggest owned by Wells Fargo) and the automobile title loan companies. Not to mention the senators and congressmen.

Sorry if there was any mix-up.



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