The Political Internet Comes Of Age

This is short and to the point. I hope you take the time to follow through on the links. Barack Obama’s campaign, powered by organization and eloquence, created an entity that has never existed before and will be the yardstick for many in the future. h/t to Political Wire.

Obama Raised More than $500 Million Online

Barack Obama raised more than half a billion dollars online from 6.5 million visitors in his 21-month campaign for the White House, “dramatically ushering in a new digital era in presidential fundraising,” the Washington Post reports.

Andrew Sullivan: “This changes everything  in every future campaign, and has just as much resonance for media and fundraising in general. I don’t believe that Obama would have ever been able to become president in the era before the Internet. And I don’t believe the implications of that have yet to fully sink in.”

I believe, as someone involved in creating political sites, blogs and communications systems, that Sullivan’s comment that we don’t even know the implications of Obama’s campaign is stone-cold right on the mark. We can’t imagine what the campaign’s of 2012 will even look like yet. Just as the campaign sites of 2006 are outdated compared to 2008 so the campaigns of 2010 and 2012 will be very different. How? No one’s got that one figured out yet. I’m betting on better communication between voters and candidate. But who knows?

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