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In contrast to the late President Kennedy:

“I think he’s impatient. I think, my summation: He doesn’t like homework. And homework means reading or getting briefed or having a debate. And part of the presidency, part of governing, particularly in this area, is homework, homework, homework.”

— Bob Woodward, reflecting on President Bush’s governing style.

H/T Political Wire

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One Response to Quote Of The Day

  1. John Stone says:

    Yes, what Bob Woodward says about Bush is true, everyone knows that Bush didn’t really know what was going on and didn’t care. I have a question, why did the news media (  including Bob Woodward) give Bush a pass, on two stolen Presidential Elections and a failed policy on foreign affairs, domestic issues and fiscal responsibilty? If we had the same media that we have now, during the Nixon Adminstration, Watergate would have been swept under the rug.