Thanking Sarah Palin

Part 2, in which battling spokespersons collude like you wouldn’t believe. (Part i was yesterday’s “Moving America Bass-ackwards“) They are the political equivalent of unscrupulous telemarketers or internet phishers: This week, they’re a prince from Nigeria; the next, they’re telling you that you’ve won the Liechtensteiner lottery, or they’re from … Continue reading

White House pressures mayors on greenhouse gas emissions

He may be the lamest of lame ducks, but George W. Bush is still doing immense damage. Consider: As the Bush administration prepares to issue its ruling on whether to limit greenhouse gases, it’s sending out a message to some of its allies: Tell us how much you don’t want … Continue reading

Detroit Part 4 : Necessary Leadership and Reality

[First, let me say these are my own suggestions to help the situation. These are the changes I wish to see in the automakers.  I will be doing more fact based writing, fully resourced, in the next few days. I agree with Rachel Maddow (video) that the attack on the UAW and … Continue reading