Detroit’s Big Three: Actual CEO Opening Statements To Congress

I’ve been pounding an unpopular table in several places trying to show people that a $25 Billion investment/loan is critical for the US and makes common sense. I’ve taken a couple of days off from working on the subject. Today, I’ve finally found the opening statements of all three automakers to Congress.

I’m providing them below as they offer more understanding of the automakers request of the Congress. They better frame the extent of the influence they collectively have in the American economy, the steps already in progress to reshape their product lines and their operating costs. Each of these automaker CEO’s brings, at one point or another a different fact or figure that flesh out a better understanding of the reality of the automaking industry in the US.  I ask you to watch all three. They are only about 5 minutes each and, collectively, give each of us a better understand of the situation.

[CNBC hasn’t set up their video for full embedding. Idiots. Please use these links.]

General Motors, Ford and Chrysler

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