Let’s All Help the GOP Out

who’s “behind” the ‘Magic Negro’ controversy? I don’t know why this is, perhaps a character failing of mine: but that which seems so blatantly obvious to me ofttimes seems utterly opaque to those for whom I write. This isn’t any slam on you, Dear Reader. I have always been cursed with this strange brain that sees a line of dominoes and instantly leaps down the Implication Steps, less a Slinky® than a kangaroo. So, perhaps I’d better be less opaque:

The Latest From the Israeli/Hamas War

This AljazeeraEnglish video was posted earlier today. It shows the destruction in the Gaza Strip. Since it is reporting on the impact of the attacks and not policy I take it at face value. Taylor Marsh found the above video and a link to the Guardian UK. The Guardian story seems to indicate, to me at least, that the 6 month cease fire with Hamas as, for the Israeli’s, nothing more than a planning period. While there is no question that Hamas or others on the Gaza Strip did fire small rockets and other weapons into Israeli territory I’ve read previously that there were no casualties although it did scare the populous. Perhaps that was it’s intent. It seems that … Continue reading

The $6 Million Social Worker

The New York Yankees just bought a first baseman for $180 million. For the next eight years, Mark Teixeira will earn about $22.5 million a season. The week before, the Yanks bought seven years of pitcher CC Sabathia’s life for $161 million, about $23 million a season—and five years of A.J. Burnett for $82.5 million, about $16.5 million for each season, according to the Associated Press. None of the salaries include any incentive pay or outside endorsements, which add millions to each salary. The three new pinstriped multimillionaires join third baseman Alex Rodriguez, who has a 10-year $275 million contract, and shortstop Derek Jeter, whose 10-year $189 million contract ends in 2010. First baseman Jason Giambi, who won’t be with … Continue reading

Obama’s Foreign Policy Worries

For those long term DemDaily readers they know that we don’t generally cover any foreign news other than Iraq. The reason I’ve run three stories in a row on foreign issues is simple. Barack Obama faces, perhaps, the worst foreign policy set of issues since LBJ. He’s in a nearly no win position. We need to understand that while we are in the midst of a domestic diaster we cannot expect him to virtually all his time and effort solving that disaster. Just look at three stories and see how they are interlocked in the Middle and Near East. Foreign policy has a place in any political discussion.

Rushing To Limbo — Revisited

I’ve dealt with this before, of course, the Rush Limbaugh “Magic Negro” song that’s once again roiling the RNC waters. From April 13, 2007 (on “Zug” the previous incarnation of his vorpal sword): Right click and “save as” 1.4 megs, 2:57, FM quality stereo .mp3. Originally titled—with unintended irony—”Tolerance.” As usual, there are no easy answers, and you will have to think for yourself. It was a simple “compare and contrast” of Don Imus’ “nappy headed ho’s” comment on his radio show, and Limbaugh’s blatantly racist stuff on HIS radio show at the same time. I wasn’t defending Imus, but asking, “How come Limbaugh gets a pass for far more offensive material?”

Israel and Hamas…a tragic war

Israel’s position on the Palestinian issue is well known. Each side had agreed to a six month cease fire. Both sides accused the other of violations. 3 days after the end of the six month cease fire Israel attacked what they say were Hamas headquarters. I can only trust that they know what the hell they are doing. The attacks continue and I do not claim to be an expert or even well read on the area. I do think it’s important to see both sides of the reporting. This video is from AljazeeraEnglish. I don’t sense that it’s kinked up. It is, however, an anguished view of what is happening on the Gaza Strip. I don’t present this as … Continue reading

A Coup In Guinea…10 Million People Under Military Control

While most of us couldn’t find Guinea on a blank African map, it is one of the former colonies, this one French, that achieved independence 50 years ago. As noted below in a news report, it is one of the poorest countries in Africa. [When a corespondent calls a country ‘one of the poorest in Africa’ it is poor indeed.] The long time leader, President Lansana Conté, a famously corrupt leader,  has died and a military coup followed immediately. Democratic elections had been scheduled for later in December, but they had been sham elections in the past. From Foreign Policy Passport is this summation followed by a news report. So now what? For now, the military has the reins, despite … Continue reading