Health Care House Parties

Who Needs Tupperware When Theres Health Care

Who Needs Tupperware When There's Health Care

Spinning off the work of Tupperware, Pampered Chef, and Cookie Lee the Obama transition team is encouraging Americans to come together to hold health care house parties this holiday season.

The President-Elect and his health care transition point person, Tom Daschle, are asking supporters to invite their neighbors and friends into their homes to discuss what they would like to see in health care.

“Our long-term fiscal prospects will have a hard time improving as long as sky-rocketing health care costs are holding us all down,” Daschle says on the transition web site “These health care community discussions are a great way for the American people to have a direct say in our health care reform efforts.”

Obama continues to keep his throngs of supporters engaged in the grass roots process that got him elected while simultaneously avoiding  the mistakes of Hillary Clinton’s closed door process from fifteen years ago.

Anyone can sign up for a party to be held December 15-31st on the transition team’s official web site.  Perhaps people could offer an Obama t-shirt as a door prize.

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2 Responses to Health Care House Parties

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  2. Robert J. Jones says:

    What is the purpose of government? I think the purpose includes, to a high degree, to provide for all the “governed” what rights they can’t provide for themselves. I believe that the basics of health care are a right that we humans have.

    Studies seem to show that a single-payer system through the government is the most cost-effective way to go. Less paperwork, no dividends to stockholders. This also seems the reasonable way to go.

    Thank you.