Joe Biden Changes The Way The VP Office Will Work

According to Politico, Biden has made several key changes in the operations and scope of the VP Office.

In short, Biden will be no Dick Cheney – who redefined the office of the vice presidency to gather unprecedented influence and reach. Instead, Biden will serve the role of trusted backup, but someone who won’t be mistaken for a co-president single-handedly crafting and promoting policy.

Very informative story at Politico. Worth the time to read.

[Opinion: My only disappointment with Biden’s apparent role so far is that, while it appears the labor will be one of his key issues, we haven’t seen Joe Biden, who can really move a crowd and be a joyous attack dog, working a major rally with the UAW. BTW: Where’s the Teamsters, the AFL-CIO and all the other major organizations? If there was ever a time for public aggressive action it’s now. If we lose anywhere near 3 million jobs in this nation I cannot imagine the impact nationally and internationally. More on that thought at another time.]

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