Shoes Thrown At Bush During News Conference In Iraqi (video)

There really were shoes thrown at the President, apparently by reporter for an Iraqi television station, during a news conference. If this guy was that wacked out and that close to the President I’m glad it was only shoes.

Bush’s reaction time isn’t bad. Bush is pretty quick to duck a punch. Per MSNBC, “All I can report,” Bush joked of the incident, “is a size 10.” Later the President made shorter more serious short response. There are conflicting reports but apparently the reporter was shouting, as he threw the shoes, “This is the end!”. Being hit or having shoe thrown at someone is a serious insult in Iraq.

White House news spokeperson Dana Perino took a microphone in the eye during the melee and has, reportedly, a black eye.

An up to date story at HuffPo using the multiple resources of MSNBC, Politico and CNN.

Question: Watch the reaction times in the audience as the shoes have been thrown. Iraqi’s move in. Where the hell was the Secret Service? Were they told to ‘stand down’ in Iraq? I fervently hope not. Their mission is to protect any President anywhere in the world. Period. We’ve lost, or come close to losing, far too many Presidents.

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