New Communication Tools-Let’s Use Them

I have resisted getting involved in the social networking field until now. Now I  have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. I’ve found both useful and I am actively gathering friends and followers.

So if you want to see a very interesting Facebook page with a lot of content and sign up for my Twitter account please do so. It’s my thought that the readers of DemDaily might be interested. Maybe yes, maybe not! We’ll see.

I’m pretty sure that in the future, if it’s ok with Pamela  Leavey, I can Tweet right into DemDaily for short thoughts and info. We’ll see. I’ll have to test it on my own blogs first. I also enjoy Jott which you call on the phone, leave a message and have it transcribed into text and sent to any email address you want. It’s a lot more than that too. You might want to check that out as well.

So join me!

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