A Coup In Guinea…10 Million People Under Military Control

While most of us couldn’t find Guinea on a blank African map, it is one of the former colonies, this one French, that achieved independence 50 years ago. As noted below in a news report, it is one of the poorest countries in Africa. [When a corespondent calls a country ‘one of the poorest in Africa’ it is poor indeed.]

The long time leader, President Lansana Conté, a famously corrupt leader,  has died and a military coup followed immediately. Democratic elections had been scheduled for later in December, but they had been sham elections in the past.

From Foreign Policy Passport is this summation followed by a news report.

So now what? For now, the military has the reins, despite claims from Souare that he retains control. The perpetrators of the coup, calling themselves the National Council for Democracy and Development, has called a curfew and has promised elections in two years. As in previous times of tension, soldiers fill the streets and much of Conakry is shut down. Companies, such as mining giant BHP, are closing offices for now.
Other countries in the region are condemning the coup.

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