Israel and Hamas…a tragic war

Israel’s position on the Palestinian issue is well known. Each side had agreed to a six month cease fire. Both sides accused the other of violations. 3 days after the end of the six month cease fire Israel attacked what they say were Hamas headquarters. I can only trust that they know what the hell they are doing. The attacks continue and I do not claim to be an expert or even well read on the area. I do think it’s important to see both sides of the reporting.

This video is from AljazeeraEnglish. I don’t sense that it’s kinked up. It is, however, an anguished view of what is happening on the Gaza Strip. I don’t present this as proof of anything. I just think this is so horrible must see both sides of the impact of war. This is war whether it’s in Iraq, Afghanistan or the Middle East. War is horrible. It’s time we see it’s the impact at close range.

As of this news report at least 280 people had died in Gaza.

[Another horrid situation for Obama to face immediately. I do not envy the man. How does a President sleep at night if he honestly cares? ]

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2 Responses to Israel and Hamas…a tragic war

  1. Brian Krenz says:

    I agree completely. If more people see the terrible effects of wars, we’ll be more inclined to think twice before starting new ones.

  2. Thank you Brian. I may continue to post these video’s as I think that most don’t understand what’s happening. The cost of war, and there are many going on in the world, is terrible.

    Please keep commenting on these stories and other here as it lets us know about our engaged readership.

    Thanks again.