Mixed Views Of Israeli Invasion Of Gaza (2 Video’s)

I will present these videos for you to view and consider. I’m so goddamn frustrated I can’t see straight. And my frustration isn’t aimed at any one side. This first is from NBC. The second is from AljazeerEnglish. (It’s balanced, folks. Or it wouldn’t be here. I’ve made friends with two Tweeters in the fighting. I hope to have some first hand reporting soon. )


Now we have a heavy ground invastion into densely populated areas. This is a fight that any national would fight and yet also deadly for forces in urban warfare. I’m just frustrated.

Here’s another view…one that points out that these actions by Israel has been in the planning stage for the six months of the cease fire. Hamas leaders are promising a deadly fight for their turf. This is a good report as well.

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