Israeli’s Surround Gaza City (Video)

Per this report and many others, 10,000 Israeli troops and tanks have effectively cut off Gaza city. The Gaza death toll is estimated as 500+. The Israeli’s claim that Hamas, their sworn enemy to the death, is hiding in homes, offices and even hospitals. All of these have been destroyed.

One of the Israeli leader said that this will continue until ‘peace and tranquility have been restored to the cities in Southern Israel.’

I have a question: When has peace and tranquility ever been the normal state of affairs in Southern Israel? No one has answered that obvious question.

The world needs a yardstick to judge when it can reasonably expect this war that has cost over 500+ Gaza dead, many children, and 1 Israeli soldier and 4 Israeli civilian prior to the invasion will end.

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2 Responses to Israeli’s Surround Gaza City (Video)

  1. Sean says:

    Stuart, prior to Israel’s withdrawl of Gaza in 2005 there was ‘peace and tranquility’ as ‘the normal state of affairs in Southern Israel’.

    The minute Israel withdrew, the rocket attacks began.

    I don’t like people dieing period…its horrible. But I also don’t like Rockets being fired at completely defensless civilians….please propose a solution to stop the rocket attacks that requires no one to die or be injured. I and the rest of the world would be greatful!

  2. Stuart O'Neill says:

    Recently 1 Israeli was killed over weeks from small ineffective rockets from Gaza. Now we have 500+ dead in Gaza. Was there no other path after a 6 month cease fire. Within 3 days of the end Israel started the attack after using the 6 months cease fire to plan the attack.

    Was one death sufficient to cause the death of this many?