An Intel Professionals View Of Panetta Appointment To CIA

This is a solid NSC veteran commenting on the Leon Panetta proposed appointment to head the CIA.

ht to Taylor Marsh

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3 Responses to An Intel Professionals View Of Panetta Appointment To CIA

  1. justConfused says:

    I just followed this link from and I’m hella confused about something.

    I noticed that your website doesn’t allow namebashing, attacking, etc. about the Democratic Party and that quite understandable. It’s your website and you may run it as you see fit. What troubles me is that you don’t place the same restrictions on other political parties. I consider myself liberal and don’t understand why your restrictions would be so specific. I don’t know anything about your site and I’m assuming that it tends to discuss issues dealing with the Democratic party or related topics.

    Don’t you think it be much more professional to have restrictions on attacking and namebashing on ANY party? I don’t care if you’re Republican or Communist, my arguments can stand on their own without telling people they can’t bash me back.

    It isn’t proper to do those kinds of attacks on anyone, right? I’m not telling you how to run things, but I’d hope you can see my point that I don’t see how it’s appropriate to allow attacks on any party. Freedom of speech as long as you’re not infringing on someone else, right?

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