GM And Nissan Lead Everyone In Sales For December…even with a huge drop

Sales continued to fall for all automakers in December. The interesting statistic is that GM and Nissan had more sales, along with Ford, than Toyota, Honda or Chrysler.

While all had sales plunge again in December GM and Nissan lead the pack with ‘only’ a 31% drop in sales. Ford was next at 32% drop for December.

Honda had a sales drop of 35% while Toyota had a 37% decline. Chrysler had the worse month with a 53% decline. Chrysler blames part of the downturn on fleet sales plunging.

Here’s the short version….GM and Ford beat out the ‘invincible’  Toyota and Honda. Americans like the cars US automakers build. If they didn’t the domestic makers wouldn’t own 52% of the sales market.

Good news: Total sales were up 20% from November.

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