UN Passes Cease Fire Resolution…Brzezinski ‘Israel Political Disaster’

I can’t add anything to this interview with Zbigneiw Brzezinski. Watch for yourself. The UN has passed a cease fire resolution. The Palestinians say they will accept it the moment Israel accepts it. Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

800 Palestinian Dead, 13 Israelis…Israelis To Increase Offensive

This is a strictly personal comment with does not reflect any other person on The Dem Daily.  I have to proclaim my increasing disgust at the entire situation on the Gaza Strip. Israel claims it must defend itself. And yes, they’ve had 13 deaths. That’s horrible. Visit msnbc.com for Breaking … Continue reading

VP-Elect Biden Makes Quick Trip To Afghanistan

Senator Biden, (no, he has not resigned his seat and won’t until just before being sworn in as VP), has made a ‘quick trip’ to the combat regions of Afghanistan. He consulted with General McKiernan, leader of the US/NATO forces. The primary topic was the logistic and equipment needs of … Continue reading