800 Palestinian Dead, 13 Israelis…Israelis To Increase Offensive

This is a strictly personal comment with does not reflect any other person on The Dem Daily.  I have to proclaim my increasing disgust at the entire situation on the Gaza Strip. Israel claims it must defend itself. And yes, they’ve had 13 deaths. That’s horrible.

Yet the attack on Hamas has generated 800 dead and now Israel says it will increase the offensive against Hamas. Yes, Hamas is still throwing rockets into southern Israel. Yes, Hamas is Israel’s sworn enemy.

Yet can a country justify killing 80o people, many civilians, because of 13 deaths, at least three of which were military? Israel has bluntly said it will kill off Hamas completely before this offensive is finished.  Killing people to end a political idea, remember terrorist/military acts are political statements, has never worked and never will.

As mentioned in an earlier column the only, ONLY, insurgent war won in the last 100 years was in Malaysia by the British and it took them ten years and untold costs in men and material on both sides. Israel is fighting an insurgent force. Israel founded itself as an insurgent army fighting to rid their land of the British. Here’s a key difference. The British had somewhere to go: home! Hamas has nowhere to go.

In the terms used by Sun Tzu, Hamas is on ‘killing ground’: kill or die. There is no other option.

Except of course .there is a political split in Gaza. Use it. The world wants Israel to use it.

If Hamas launches a rocket, we are supplying Israel with more than enough state of the art targeting equipment to accurately return fire. There can be no justification for attacking a ‘nation’ for threatening your existence when the ‘nation’ doesn’t have the capability of ending your existence.

Gee, if that could be justified it would sound a lot like our invasion of Iraq.

800 dead for 13 dead. I’m disgusted.

For a more balanced view read this AP story.

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