VP-Elect Biden Makes Quick Trip To Afghanistan

Senator Biden, (no, he has not resigned his seat and won’t until just before being sworn in as VP), has made a ‘quick trip’ to the combat regions of Afghanistan. He consulted with General McKiernan, leader of the US/NATO forces. The primary topic was the logistic and equipment needs of the region. Biden met the day before with the leadership in Pakistan.

AP reports:NATO-led forces in Afghanistan told Vice President-elect Joe Biden on Saturday that thousands of new American troops expected in the country’s south will need more helicopters and other support to beat back surging Taliban violence, an official said.

Biden met with U.S. Gen. David McKiernan, head of the NATO-led force in Afghanistan, and was scheduled to meet with President Hamid Karzai later in the day.

“Gen. McKiernan explained the current situation and talked about the incoming troops and the need for additional enablers … things like helicopters, engineers, military police, transportation assets,” said Col. Greg Julian, a U.S. military spokesman.[More of the story here.]

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