The War Continues In Gaza (Video)

While there is movement in a push for a ceasefire being sponsored by Egypt the war continunes with harsh rhetoric from Israel.

As diplomats struggled for traction in truce efforts, Olmert said Israel would only end military operations if Hamas stops rocketing Israel, as it has done for years, and is unable to re-arm after combat subsides.

“Anything else will be met with the Israeli people’s iron fist,” Olmert said. “We will continue to strike with full strength, with full force until there is quiet and rearmament stops.”<>

Egypt said it was making slow progress in attempts to broker a truce, and special Mideast envoy Tony Blair said elements were in place for a cease-fire. The fighting erupted Dec. 27 and has killed more than 900 Palestinians, about half of them civilians, according to Palestinian medical officials. Thirteen Israelis, including 10 soldiers, have also been killed.

An MSNBC report:

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