Clinton Statements At The Confirmation Hearing

John Kerry, D-Ma, incoming chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee,  lead it’s one day confirmation hearing for Senator Clinton as Secretary of State-elect.  Senator Kerry did a masterful job of conducting the hearing.

Senator Clinton likewise, in my judgment, showed a depth of knowledge, the ability to defend against attacks which came from two Senators over the Clinton Global Initiative and gave the world the vision of a new day of leadership of the State Department, many times in a detailed fashion.

Already in news online headlines in the Traditional Press can be seen the phrase, ‘The State Department’s Back’. The Foreign Service Corps must be jubilant through out the world at the prospect of once again simply be allowed to do their jobs. They are diplomats and in the Obama administration diplomacy will matter. Here’s a taste of the hearing.

UPDATE: The full text of Clinton’s statement is in the post above.

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One Response to Clinton Statements At The Confirmation Hearing

  1. alan says:

    I am not sure that the democratic process is working any longer.

    The same political people on capital hill that got us in the current financial
    situation by not having good oversight related to our financial
    organizations were having a huge love-fest today with Hilary. Don’t get
    me wrong, I don’t have an issue with her being our sec of state, but I do
    think the tough questions should be asked to make sure we are not going
    to find out something later about the Clinton Foundation. It was a big love
    fest and it made me sick. We pay these people to look out for us, not tell
    each other how great they are and watch the serious kiss-up activities that
    were going on!