Senate FRC Panel Approves Clinton as Secretary of State

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 16-1 today in favor of the appointment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton still must be confirmed by the full Senate however, the confirmation is expected to be a formality at this point.  The lone negative vote from the Senate FRC panel against Clinton came from Louisisan Republican Sen. David Vitter, “a one-time client of the infamous DC Madam.”

Senate John Kerry, the incoming chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee released the following statement today after the vote:

“The 16 to 1 roll call vote demonstrates the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s overwhelming support for President-Elect Obama’s designee to be Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. America is fortunate that President-Elect Obama has chosen such a smart, talented and experienced individual to serve as our top diplomat. I look forward to working closely with Secretary of State Designee Clinton to restore our international relationships and America’s place in the world.”  

Hillary Clinton bid the Senate farewell today in anticipation of her confirmation as Secretary of State. Watch an excerpt of her speech below (H/T Taylor Marsh):

New Yorkers are now said to favor New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo over Caroline Kennedy, to replace Clinton in the Senate and The Fix reports that “New York Gov. David Paterson is nearing an announcement on his pick” to replace Clinton. Stay tuned…

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