World Class Clueless

They don’t get it.


That’s not news, of course. JUST how much it’s not news is telling, but one has to take a moment to appreciate just how clueless that it’s possible to be, and still occupy a responsible position in civil society. Irresponsibly, of course.

Listen to this Bizarro World version of an error, a mistake and a mea culpa (which, horrifying to tell, is also an old Latin slang pun phrase I’m a c-word, used as an admission of blame or culpability.)

CNN reports:

Posted: 03:25 PM ET


Bush delivered a speech on board the USS Abraham Lincoln in 2003.

(CNN) – It’s a moment President Bush has repeatedly called a mistake: Delivering a speech on board the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Spring of 2003 with a “Mission Accomplished” banner featured prominently behind him.

But the much-maligned photo-op wasn’t the president’s fault at all, according to former White House Communications Director Dan Bartlett.

Bartlett, currently a political analyst with CBS, said Tuesday he was the one who actually gave the final go-ahead of the event.

“Quite frankly, yours truly was the guy who actually signed off,” he said Tuesday. “I regret it to this day, because it did send the wrong message.”

In his final press conference Monday, Bush immediately cited the moment when asked by a reporter what mistakes he had made over the last eight years.

“Clearly, putting a ‘mission accomplished’ on an aircraft carrier was a mistake,” he said. “We were trying to say something differently but, nevertheless, it conveyed a different message.”

Bush has also previously defended the banner as pertaining to the mission of the crew on board the Aircraft carrier, not the Iraqi invasion as a whole.

Still, Bartlett credited Bush Tuesday for not blaming his staff for the misstep.

“[That’s] why he endears so much loyalty from people like myself and others who had worked for him,” Bartlett said.

Let us savor the extreme dumbness of this. The “mistake” was the banner. Not stuffing Georgie into the Codpiece Special; not landing the plane on the deck — giving innumerable gullible the impression that Bush The Fighter Pilot had personally landed it; not turning the USS Abraham Lincoln away from the port of San Diego, where the crew was returning after a long wartime deployment, where their families were waiting for them, where, instead of much needed and well-deserved personal time, they were indentured extras for a photo-op, which lied to the American people by only pointing the cameras out to sea; not the lies and dissimulations, not the “regime change” mission that was only enunciated in the 72 hours prior to the war; not the spin afterwards that it was SAILORS on board who’d come up with the banner, only to be proven to be a White House lie?

Gee, it was only the BANNER that was the mistake?

(The lack of WMDs was a “disappointment” remember.)

That’s ALL the blame Bush is going to take, and now his slavering, slobbering sycophant falls on his cardboard sword, taking the blame for THAT. Thus is the Dubya kept untarnished. (And in a few short days he can return to polishing his halo.)


This is parallel to Bush’s astonishing response at the Last Press Conference, that his response to Katrina was entirely correct, that he made the hard choice not to land his 747 because he’d be criticized for diverting police resources. Not the FEMA response, not the people trapped at the Convention Center and the Superdome for days, old people dying in their midst? THAT was the mistake?

Not landing the plane?

So choosing to land in the carrier plane wasn’t a mistake but not landing Air Force One wasn’t a mistake either. We has fallen down the rabbit hole, kiddies. Definitely not Kansas anymore.

This is clueless rationalization on an Olympian scale. Were there a Gold Medal for historic imbecility ….

Steve M. expands on the thesis brilliantly at No More Mister Nice Blog, in DISPATCH FROM A PARALLEL UNIVERSE.

(Which is short and you should read right now).



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