Former Kerry Aide Marvin Nicholson to Stay on Obama’s Team

The Boston Globe reports that John Kerry’s former “body man” Marvin Nicholson will “continue his role as “trip director” for President-elect Barack Obama.” Nicholson, Kerry’s former “Chief of Stuff,” will coordinate the “minute-by-minute movements on Air Force One and on the road” for incoming President Barack Obama. Dem Daily readers … Continue reading

I’m Overwhelmed With The New Campaign Communication Possibilities

While I continue to make a real effort at integrating all the video, audio, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Jott (one you might not know that converts a cel message to text), Qik (one where the right cel phone can live stream video and have it saved like YouTube) and many more … Continue reading

Exit Stage Right

With just a few more days to go, Bush’s staff is exiting… stage right. Politico has a particularly sentimental look at the final days of a presidency from the views of current and former White House staffers. Let’s get on with the show… It’s time for change in Washington. Out … Continue reading