Former Kerry Aide Marvin Nicholson to Stay on Obama’s Team

The Boston Globe reports that John Kerry’s former “body man” Marvin Nicholson will “continue his role as “trip director” for President-elect Barack Obama.”

Nicholson, Kerry’s former “Chief of Stuff,” will coordinate the “minute-by-minute movements on Air Force One and on the road” for incoming President Barack Obama.

Dem Daily readers may remember this story about Nicholson on the campaign trail with Obama, from last January: “O’Reilly Gets Pushy With Obama Staffer.”

Marvin Nicholson was one of the first members of Kerry’s staff I met when I first got involved with his campaign in 2003. I’m really happy for him… It’s a great gig!

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3 Responses to Former Kerry Aide Marvin Nicholson to Stay on Obama’s Team

  1. John Stone says:

    I am happy for Marvin as well! I had the pleasure of meeting him when he was in Iowa with John Kerry and then again when he was here with Barack Obama. He is a great guy! I am also happy that our eight year nightmare is almost over!

  2. John

    Yes, thank God(dess) the nightmare is almost over!

  3. YvonneCa says:

    I saw him at the train during the tour and at a couple White House televised events. Does my heart good to see him…all over the place! 🙂