I’m Overwhelmed With The New Campaign Communication Possibilities

While I continue to make a real effort at integrating all the video, audio, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Jott (one you might not know that converts a cel message to text), Qik (one where the right cel phone can live stream video and have it saved like YouTube) and many more social networking sites, I’m overwhelmed. As I work for campaigns as a comm strategist and/or director I feel I should be up with all this advancement.

Yet, I know most of the time I spend trying to conjure up a coherent vision for the small campaign should be spent making a living. I just found, for example, a site with 140 different applications just for TWITTER!
Yep just Twitter. I’m mind boggled.

I guess I’ll proceed as I always have trying to be one step out in front for the smaller campaign, down to city level, and the Red District Congressional campaigns. Anyone have a referral?

PS: I’m actively seeking new friends at Facebook and Twitter. Jump right in!

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