Joe Biden’s Farewell Speech To the Senate

Many here know I really have liked Joe Biden. His farewell speech, which I accidentally saw from the start on C-Span, was a classic example of Senate culture and Biden unique skills at best. I thought his speech was reflective of the great Senate speeches of the past. It was oratory but without the tight script used so often today.

As a political junkie I thought I understood the intimate culture of the Senate. I found out watching this speech that I really didn’t know it. I found a short 4 min video yesterday but it didn’t represent the speech as well as I wanted. This a longer version and more representative of Biden’s very classy farewell. This is worth watching right to the end.

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3 Responses to Joe Biden’s Farewell Speech To the Senate

  1. Principia says:

    I, simply said, love Joe Biden. His speech was appropriately poigniant. I would expect nothing less from Mr. Biden. He is an individual of great heart and mind. He was my first choice for president, and I am quite happy to know he will be our vice president. A truly great statesman. We all talk about history…how history will view us. Joe Biden has nothing to worry about as history will be kind and loving to him. He has done much for our nation and has more to do. I am thankful for the Joe Biden’s of the world. Thank you for this clip. It was worth viewing the complete speech.

  2. Brian Krenz says:

    It’s nice to see the personal impact of politics and the Senate. So often, I’m consumed by the broad ideas and policies, forgetting that these are ordinary people. Great clip. He looks like will miss the Senate dearly and I’m sure the Senate will miss him too.

  3. MA Rubinstein says:

    it is a greaceful and deeply felt speech by a great senator, a great American and now vice presidetn who have a real impact–as did his friend al gore.

    The dark days are now over. Bush is cutting brush–something he may a talent for— and his legacy of governmental destruction are now quickly being overturned–the Mexico city letter and the end the Guantanamo and rendition sites are the first steps…Biden will be a aprt of this all. Long may he speak and long may he serve this nation. Obama and he have already made their marks and it is only day three.

    an old student of and teacher of— the nature of

    American political power–power used well and badly.