Obama 2.0

President-elect Obama has launched Obama 2.0, otherwise known as “Organizing for America”:

Marc Ambinder notes:

An Obama political aide said that OFA will be housed at the Democratic National Committee, resolving a longstanding debate about whether the entity should be separate.

A press release prepared by OFA calls the organization “the next phase” of the Obama organization, and will offer “volunteers the continued opportunity to work for change in their communities by organizing in support of reform in Washington.”

And Chris Cillizza says on The Fix:

It’s clear that Obama recognizes the power that his email list, which boasts more than 13 million names, represents in American politics and is working to ensure it stays within the control of a small group who are charged with protecting the Obama brand.

Roll up your sleeves and get involved with the change that’s coming… A new government “of the people.”

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