Breaking News: Ted Kennedy Striken At Inaugural Luncheon

Sad news… On this momentous occassion that meant so much to Senator Ted Kennedy, news has broken that Kennedy was striken during the Inaugural Luncheon and was taken from the Capitol by ambulance. Senator Robert Byrd also suffered some health problem around the same time as Kennedy was striken. From … Continue reading

‘This Is America Happening’

Today will be a day of many memorable quotes no doubt, but this one holds the feelings of so many of millions of people watching this historic day: “This is America happening,” said Evadey Minott of Brooklyn, New York. “It was prophesized by [the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.] that … Continue reading

Thank YOU

As they say, my work here is done. My blogging began as a campaign blog in the 2004 Oregon Democratic primary (the centennial of the first primary election in the USA in Oregon) against cronyism, cheating, lying, well, the usual. And campaign finances: My opponent received over 92% of his … Continue reading

Alrighty Now! It’s Time To Watch History

It’s been a long time coming. I didn’t think, frankly, it could be done. What things? I honestly underestitmated America and didn’t think an African-American could be elected. I honestly wasn’t sure that we could end this long national nightmare. We could end the Bush Presidency. I knew that reality. … Continue reading